About Us

Hello there! Not far back in 2009, when an unique idea flashed in my mind, I decided to execute it. Being an engineer in IT, I had the necessary tools to materialise my dream. The idea didn't succeed as per my expectations but that let to the begenning of my career as an entrepreneur. Immediately after completing my MBA, I registered the company IT SYSTEMS and the journey began.

I have always believed that differentiating yourself from the clutter is the best and the most efficient way to succeed in a swift way. I always said to my self that the products & services that I will build will radically change the way we think and act thereby making us much more efficient and productive & ending the unnecessary struggle. My two products eAttendance & eResult perfectly reflect the above thought.

As far as business is concerned, I believe in a very simple philosophy, "Give the customer what he wants & he will give you what you want."

What we do
We are a software development company located in Pune, the educational capital of INDIA. From Bulk SMS to Missed call service, we provide all type of solutions. Developing Websites, providing customised solutions to Educational Institutes is what we mainly deal in. We also provide standalone software solutions.

We provide all type of Designing solutions. From Banner & Pamplet designing to Website & Logo designing, we are thorough professional in designing all of them. The one thing that sets us apart as far as designing is concerned is, "We design our customers vision".

In short what we do is

Our Mission
Designing and Delivering products and services that radically change the way we think and act thereby making us much more efficient and productive.
Our Vision
We will be a globally respected company. We will be the most innovative and preferred company to work with.
Our Values
  • Dedication: - To solve our customer's problems in the best possible way and being committed to achieve by means that synchronize with our customers Values.
  • Excellence in Innovation: - A company which not only solves customer's problems, but also creates opportunity for customers out of those problems, there by facilitating customer's growth.
  • Honesty and Transparency: - We will be open in all our transactions and cent per cent Honest to our customers.
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